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Over the years, a large number of well-known companies trust in our experience, our technologies and know-how.
We offer our customers technical support of both individual equipment and turnkey technological solutions created by Western European companies specializing in metal processing.
Dear Sirs!

If your company has problems with the modernization and overhaul of machining centers, turning, milling, drilling and grinding machines with CNC, as well as the retrofitting of universal machines with CNC devices, programmable controllers, measuring systems and tracking drives for axes and spindle, automatic change devices tools, ball screws, guide coating with wear-resistant materials, Ingenieurbüro Förster Sagl in kooperation Matschuk KG Maschinenbau is ready to help you solve them. Our highly qualified specialists have been engaged in the production of such works for over 25 years.

We carry out repair and modernization works for many well-known enterprises, such as: ABB-TURBINEN, AUDI, BAUER, BMW, BOSCH, FORD, GRUNDIG, HOFMANN, INA, MANNESMAN DEMAG, SIEMENS, VOGEL, Zaporizhzhya OJSC Motor-Sich, Kazan OJSC Kazan Motor-Building Production Association, UMPO JSC (Ufa).

Upgrading, overhauling or retrofitting your machine will cost you much less than buying a new one, with similar technical specifications.

In addition, you get other benefits:

  • You are relieved of the need to redevelop your production sites;
  • You are freed from the need to make changes in the power supply of machines and the supply of them with compressed air and water;
  • You are freed from the need to re-equip your machines with new tools and cutting tools;
  • The metal structures of your machines, which usually worked for 15 to 20 years, were largely freed from the internal stresses inherent in the designs of new machines.

If you decide to upgrade, overhaul or retrofit your machines, we are ready to do such work for you. We hope that our offer meets your needs and hope for successful cooperation..